We create Pixorama

A Pixorama is a mix between the words :
Pixel & Panorama. It is a Digital Art Work that is created pixel by pixel on a computer. It is a new technique of Art creation and its It allows great creativity.

Marsdesign Miami Agency is proud to announce a new collaboration with eBoy and Miami International Airport for the creation of a new Pixorama: eBoyMIA

For the first time, Mars Design Miami and eBoy brought their talent to a very specific project by pixelising MIA as a "city" itself.

The eBoyMIA Pixorama landing took place at the Miami International Airport with a presentation of a big print of the Artwork on the walls of the MIA.


One of a kind art

Of the Magic City - Highlighting all aspects of the culture array that is Miami. 



Digital art reimaged. Pixel art unlike any before.